Jeff Winter's Rallye-Sport

Jeff is Colorado's best source for high performance engines and racing modifications

Jeff Winter Rallye Sport I don't sell advertising but Jeff is a friend and an incredible resource so I'm giving him a page of his own.

Having won national championships and set track records coast to coast, as well as building exceptionally powerful engines and modifying classic Datsuns to increase their performance, it's clear that Jeff knows what he's doing.

I'm lucky enough that Jeff's shop, Rallye-Sport, is a mere 10 minutes from my home. He's helped me several times, most recently fine-tuning my new engine on a dyno to achieve the best performance possible. While doing that, he explained between each pull what he was going to change and what he expected from it. Tutoring like that is invaluable. Not many mechanics would take the time to do it.

Thanks to Jeff, my modified L26 generated 140 HP at 5400 RPM. Adjusted for Denver's mile-high altitute, that's about 160 HP at sea level.

If you're looking for help with a 240z or 510 sedan, give him a call at (303-427-0510 or visit his website here .

Tell him Ace sent you.

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