Sorting Nuts & Bolts & Washers

Got jars of hardware you sort on the workbench? Here's an easy way to put them back.

Sorting Hardware Like a lot of mechanics, you probably have a jar or can filled with odds & ends hardware that you've never bothered to sort out.

Maybe you've got it sorted into jars or trays but they're full with various sizes.

Either way, finding the exact one you want probably involves pouring the contents of the jar or can or tray out on top of the workbench, digging thru to hunt for it, then scooping the remainder back where it came from.

Here's an easy way:

1 - Pour the hardware out on a sheet of paper. For bigger items, use a dustpan.

2 - Do your sorting.

3 - When you're done, use the paper as a funnel to pour the stuff back into the container.

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