Many, many people and some great companies have helped with this restoration project, so here's my chance to say THANKS!

My beautiful and talented wife Kristi has been amazingly patient during this project. I couldn't have done it without her support.

My good friend and neighbor Ed Case probably put in several hundred hours of labor, plus advice and encouragement. Other great friends such as Mac McMurray, Adolpho Aranda, Tomas Rodriguez, Phil Tatro and actress Jennifer Lawrence also contributed.

Chris Stevenson did the roof swap, the bodywork and applied the beautiful "Arrest Me Red" paint. 510-847-3645

Danny Salizar did a great job installing the interior upholstery. 720-434-1619

TJ Jacobs at Ignite Performace - Z-car parts and race car restoration in Arvada - email or 720-542-3762

Rocky Mountain Drive Line pressed new u-joints into the halfshafts in a couple of hours for a great price. 303-433-8683

Jen supplied the replacement roof and various other parts. 720-385-8569

Exhaust Pros in Northglenn did an excellent job on the exhaust. 303-451-5351

Executive Towing has the best prices (and best service) in town. 303-425-1500

Bolt Depot has been an incredibly great source for metric fasteners. They have everything. Visit them here

All Secure Lock & Security re-keyed all of the locks to match. 303-667-2736

The Metal Company in Arvada fabricated the reinforcement plates for the swaybar. 303-423-4425

Auto Weave Upholstery in Denver finished the seat covers. 303-288-6222

Pickering's Auto Service in Arvada took care of the suspension bushings and the impossible-to-remove spindle pin. 303-426-1545

All of the wiring connectors came from Oregon Motorcycle Parts. I seriously wouldn't go anywhere else.

Power Brake Exchange in San Jose was the only place I found that can rebuild brake boosters for '70 and '71 Z-cars. 408-292-1305

The members of, as well as the members of Facebook groups "S30 Life" and "Datsun/Nissan Z car enthusiasts" contributed an endless amount of valuable guidance, for which I'm eternally grateful.

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