Here's a collection of the coolest 240z videos I could find. It's amazing how much is online. Click on the pics to watch.

Ace King's 240z I drove my car for the very first time on February 5th 2017, going cautiously to the end of the block and back. The engine was cold and needed a lot of throttle feathering to keep it running, and I wasn't sure how well the brakes would work. The smoke was to be expected from an engine that hadn't been run in years.

A brief journey but a major milestone.

Ace King's 240z This is part of a road rally (I don't know where) and the snarl of the engine is hypnotic.

Ace 240z This car is called the Green Hornet and it's amazing. Totally stock inside and out, but underneath is a no-nonsense suspension and an 3.5liter engine that howls. Ride along for one lap at Laguna Seca during a 10-lap session where he passed nearly every other car.

Ace 240z Using a 240z for an off-road rally seems a little odd until you see it in action. This one looks like great fun.

Ace 240z Here's an in-depth look at a rally car which seems unreal. I would drive it every day.

Wouldn't you?

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