240z Upgrades

The 240z is a great car but anything can be improved.

Amazing Upgrades

These are some incredibly easy and cheap upgrades to make your car better than stock

Tips & Tricks

These are some great ways to make your life easier when restoring or modifying your car

Not So Easy

Here are a few really great things but they're not very easy to do

240z Factory Service Manual Before doing anything, get the genuine Datsun Factory Service Manual. Click here for a free pdf version.

Aftermarket books, like from Chilton or Haynes are ok, but the factory manual has better pictures and diagrams and is specific for your car's year.

You can buy an original printed copy on eBay but they tend to be beat-up and expensive. Take your PDF to someplace like Kinko's. Print the entire thing double-sided, then get it spiral-bound. With a spiral bind it'll lay down flat instead of having to be propped up like a regular book. It's well worth a couple extra dollars.

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